Reasons for Attending Continuity Insights New York


  1. The Greater New York Metro region is the home to major corporate entities, spanning a wide range of businesses and industries (i.e. financial, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, retail, technology, etc)… it’s a literal “who’s who” of U.S. business.  Continuity Insights New York is your access to expanding your professional network.

  2. The cost-effectiveness of a New York event affords those with budget, travel, and time-out-of-office restrictions to attend, to network with colleagues and receive valuable educational programming. 

  3. The subject matter expertise of New York professionals is impressive… so a number of the faculty will be populated with regional experts and topics that are important to the Greater New York Metro region.

  4. Within New York there are a number of core and peripheral opportunities with various groups; those with defined business continuity interests.  These alliances will broaden your marketing reach.  There are dedicated regional continuity groups such as Contingency Planning Exchange (CPE), approximately seven chapters of the Association of Contingency Planners (ACP) within 150 miles of New York, Northeast Disaster Recovery Information X-Change (NEDRIX), Mid-Atlantic Disaster Recovery Association (MADRA), Regional Catastrophic Planning Team, and others.  And there are a number of peripheral groups such as the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA), Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS), World Cares Center, and others.

  5. Opportunity cost… the sum total of the above makes attending Continuity Insights New York a prudent business decision.


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